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Application of New Type Tantalum Capacitor in Portable products(II)

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Q: what type of wet tantalum capacitor is cheaper than the dry type of the same specification?

A: wet gallbladder capacitors and gallbladder capacitors are completely used in different places. Wet gallbladder capacitors are used in relatively special occasions, such as oil exploration and some relatively special military fields. Gallbladder capacitors are mainly used in some industrial fields. For example, consumer electronics, their prices are completely incomparable. The price range of wet tank capacitors is relatively large, but the prices of relative gallbladder capacitors are relatively cheap. Wet capacitors are purchased in small quantities, sometimes even a few, but gallbladder capacitors are purchased in batches, so their prices are not equal.

Q: Are tantalum capacitors likely to be small in size later?

Answer: this is possible, now we can achieve the minimum size of the tank capacitance 0402, but its capacity is also able to achieve relatively large, as the technology continues to improve, its size is also getting smaller and smaller.

Q: what is the difference between the capacitors and the super capacitors, which is more advantageous?

A: Compared with super capacitors, there are three main advantages. The first is that the size advantage will be much smaller than the super capacitor, especially for the USB wireless access card. The second is that VISHAY products can be completely tabulated, but super capacitors need to be welded by hand. In mass production, it is possible that super capacitors will be affected, and the third is the issue of price. As far as I know, .

Q: what are the biggest application advantages of tantalum capacitors?

A: The biggest advantage of tantalum capacitors is that there is no life limit, and the other is high CV value, that is, the ratio of high capacity to voltage, the ratio of voltage to capacity is very high, and there is the advantage of packaging, it can achieve a minimum of 0402 small package.

Q: What is the temperature and high frequency range of tantalum capacitors?

There will be a lower pressure drop. Specifications are described in detail, as for the high frequency characteristics, this depends on how big, these frequencies are certain changes.


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