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Application of New Type Tantalum Capacitor in Portable products(I)

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With the development of tantalum powder technology and packaging technology, the capacitance and voltage of unit volume tantalum capacitors are increased. The new tantalum capacitors are smaller in size and larger in capacity. The new technology tantalum capacitor has been widely used in some portable products such as multimedia player wireless access card and so on. This paper will focus on the new technology application of tantalum capacitor products and the case of promotion in well-known clients.

Q: tantalum capacitor is still larger than MLCC. What are the advantages of tantalum capacitance? Is the filter good?

A: tantalum capacitors are much larger than MLCC at the same capacitor. Its advantages are mainly in large volume, and its filtering effect will be much better. Mainly these two products relatively speaking, bile can achieve greater capacity, relative to the effect of the other will be better, in addition, ML technology can also achieve relatively large capacity, but not as large as the capacity of gallbladder.

Q: where are tantalum capacitors specifically used? Can you give an example?

A: tantalum capacitors are used in a wide range of fields. In terms of industry, such as power supply modules and electrified power supply devices, they can be applied to some tantalum capacitors. In addition to these, some consumer electronics that are closely related to us, Tantalum capacitors, like LCD TVs, mobile phones, wireless access cards, GPS and automotive electronics, also have tantalum capacitors, so tantalum capacitors are almost everywhere.

Q: Is the voltage selection of tantalum capacitors reduced by 50%?

A: the voltage drop of tantalum capacitors is about 50%. If it is generally used in industry, it may be a bit more conservative than 50%, but in the field of mobile phones there are some portable products.


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