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Application fields of pulse capacitors

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Pulse capacitor is a common pulse energy storage unit and an important part of pulse power.

The pulse power system consists of five parts, namely the primary energy source, the pulse energy storage unit, the pulse forming part, the pulse transmission part, and the load. It can be seen that the pulse energy storage unit is an important part of the power system.

The pulse capacitor of the pulse energy storage unit is an energy storage device used to increase the power pulse output signal. In the pulse power system, it stores energy in a relatively slow form, and then generates appropriate energy into the load in a relatively high power form and in a very short time.The primary energy is to slowly charge the pulse energy storage unit to achieve energy storage, and then the pulse capacitor stores the energy to compress and shape the pulse in the time dimension through the pulse forming part to achieve pulse power amplification, and the load will obtain a pulse waveform with high peak power.

Pulse capacitors for pulse units include foil capacitors and metallized film capacitors. Foil capacitors are often used at low field strengths and have lower energy storage density, while metallized film capacitors are just the opposite, which is one of the main reasons for their widespread use in pulsed energy storage units.

Pulse capacitors have violent working mode and long-term continuous working mode. Fields requiring the furious working of pulse capacitors are particle beams and coded detection sources. The fields that require pulse capacitors to work continuously for a long time include preservation, industrial sewage treatment, and shallow exploration. Therefore, pulse capacitors have a wide range of applications, and are widely used in military, industrial, exploration and other fields.


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