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Analysis of the protection level of varistor

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The choice of a resistor device is critical and is associated with subsequent use. If the novice is just beginning to confuse the selection, he or she can look for relevant technicians to find help.


The level of varistor protection is different, so engineers must choose the type of lightning protection varistor according to the design requirements of the equipment. One problem that needs to be noted here is that lightning protection varistor can absorb a large amount of surge power. However, it cannot withstand continuous currents above the milliamp level, so this must be taken into account when operating overvoltage protection.


The varistor is a metal oxide semiconductor non-linear resistor mainly composed of zinc oxide. The varistor has many advantages such as good nonlinear characteristics, large flow capacity, low normal leakage current, low residual voltage level, fast action response and no freewheeling. In the usual selection process, the selection of the lightning protection varistor is usually selected based on the two parameters of the nominal varistor voltage V1mA and the flow capacity.


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