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Home » News » News » industry information » Analysis of the current development of CBB capacitors

Analysis of the current development of CBB capacitors

Views:0     Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-01-11      Origin:Site

Nowadays, CBB capacitors are the new era of alternating old models in China. In the process of upgrading from low level technology to high level, from simple goods to advanced goods, production is more and more advanced, and gradually becomes a mechanized production line, so A manufacturer who said that it has not developed before and has no opportunity is now a good time to seize opportunities.

When high-level goods in the international market are introduced to the country, they will also lead to a small number of unique industry technologies and management methods. In addition, the demand for CBB capacitors is very large. A supplier in Guangdong, even if the processing process is a bit conservative, it has tens of thousands of sales troops in various provinces across the country. After more than a decade of cumulative and steady improvement, China's metal film capacitor business has become a country with a large international output, and exports are steadily added.


In the future, the development of China's CBB capacitor industry will tend to be intelligent, the industry's technical level is getting better and better, and the quality will also show high quality. Coupled with China's implementation of the CBB capacitor industry's program management and preferential policies, the CBB capacitor industry will have more and more forward range. The export volume of the overall CBB capacitor industry accounts for about a quarter of the total market exports, and the export volume of the CBB capacitor industry ranks in the top three of the light industry. CBB capacitors are distributed in almost every corner of the world, and China is becoming a veritable sales nation for every CBB capacitor.


From the process point of view, the current domestic processing capacity is good or bad, some large foreign manufacturers have used China as their CBB capacitor production base, and some manufacturers in the country have entered the big industry.


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