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Analysis of the characteristics and uses of CBB capacitors

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CBB capacitors can also be called metalized polypropylene capacitors.

The following specifically introduces the characteristics and specific uses of the four CBB capacitors:

1. Metallized polypropylene film capacitor (high voltage)

Model: PPS

Conventional capacitance capacity: 0.001UF ~ 0.033UF

Conventional working voltage: 1000VDC, 1200VDC1600VDC, 2000VDC

Features and uses: PPS is non-inductive. It is made of polypropylene dielectric and metallized polypropylene film connected in series with aluminum foil as the electrode. High pulse rise time circuit is ideal, in buffers, transfer switches and high-voltage power supply and electronic lighting ballast


2. Polypropylene film capacitor

Model: PPN

Conventional capacitance capacity: 0.001UF ~ 0.47UF

Conventional working voltage: 250VDC, 400VDC, 630VDC

Features and uses: PPN is non-inductive, made of polypropylene film dielectric and aluminum foil as electrodes, tinned copper clad steel wire, with epoxy resin encapsulation, this product is used for wireless communication, data processing, industrial instruments and Automatically controlled system equipment. A


3. Metallized polypropylene capacitor

Model: MPR

Conventional capacitance capacity: 0.001UF ~ 10UF

Conventional working voltage: 100VDC, 250VDC, 400VDC, 630VDC

Features and uses: MPF is non-inductive, made of metal-plated polypropylene dielectric / electrode, wound, tinned copper-clad steel wire, encapsulated with epoxy resin. It is especially used in the S correction of CRT circuit.


4. Metallized polypropylene capacitor

Model: MKP

Features and uses: MKP is a metalized polypropylene capacitor with low lead loss, small internal temperature rise, negative capacitance temperature coefficient, and excellent flame retardant properties. Widely used in high-voltage high-frequency pulse circuits, S correction and line inversion waveforms in TVs and displays, electronic rectification absorption and SCR rectification circuits in lighting circuits. Used for safety regulations. It is also useful for RC buck. It is used for audio capacitors and is covered with black plastic film. It is suitable for the amplifier and the front and rear amplifier circuits.


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