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Advantages of varistor and other capacitors

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The wide application of varistor is believed to be heard by everyone. What are the advantages of varistor? After reading the following five points, why the varistor will be favored by everyone compared with other capacitors, let's take a look!


1) Better thermal properties

Unlike silicon diodes, where only one P-N junction is subjected to surge currents, zinc oxide varistors are made up of millions of P-N junctions. This structure has better absorption capacity and surge withstand capability.


2) Fast response

Varistors have similar operating characteristics as other semiconductor components. Because the conduction of the varistor occurs very quickly, the delay is only in the nanosecond range, so it can meet any practical needs.


3) Stable voltage under over temperature conditions

In the case of exceeding the breakdown voltage, once the ambient temperature exceeds the normal operating temperature range, the Zener diode's regulating voltage will increase as the ambient temperature increases, and the varistor's regulating voltage exceeds the operating temperature range. In the case it remains almost constant. When the leakage current of the varistor increases as the temperature of the element body increases, the regulating voltage of the varistor does not change with temperature.


4) Capacitance

Compared with Zener diodes, varistors have higher capacitance values. Depending on the application, the capacitance of the surge suppressor is different. In DC circuits, the capacitance of the varistor can be used. The effect of decoupling can play a dual role in suppressing transient overvoltage.


5) low cost

Compared with diodes, varistors have the advantages of low cost and small size.


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