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Action of Safety gauge Capacitor in Power supply(II)

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(2)safety gauge capacitor for bypass. 

By-pass capacitance is a kind of energy storage device which can provide energy for local devices. It can make the output of voltage stabilizer uniform and reduce the load requirement. Like small rechargeable batteries, bypass capacitors can be charged and discharge into the device. To minimize impedance, bypass capacitors should be as close as possible to the power supply pin and the ground pin of the load device. This can prevent the ground potential and noise caused by the input value being too large. The earth bomb is the voltage drop at the ground connection as it passes through a large current burr. 
As a safe capacitance, the safety capacitance includes X capacitor and Y capacitance, which are used for filtering and bypass, etc., which play the role of protecting users at all times. The safety capacitance is generally used for high voltage protection.


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