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A brief description of the five applications commonly used in CBB capacitors

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CBB capacitor is also called polypropylene film capacitor, it is metal foil as an electrode, it and polypropylene film from both ends of overlap, winding into a cylinder-shaped construction capacitor, the capacitance between 1000pF-10uF, rated voltage 63V-2000V. Generally used in high-frequency pulse occasions, AC occasions, high-stable timed situations, temperature compensation circuits, switching power systems and color TV industry, instrumentation, televisions and household appliances, electronic rectifiers, all kinds of contactor contacts of high-voltage potential absorption lines, as well as lighting LED circuits, filtering, bypass, coupling and other circuits. Here's a brief introduction to the five applications commonly used in CBB capacitors.


1. Filter circuit

A basic function of capacitors is filtering, CBB capacitors for filtering circuits, need to fully understand the circuit DC voltage, ripple voltage and ripple current and other parameters, so as to choose the appropriate specifications of capacitors;


2. The motor starts

Most of our more common AC motors use start-up power supply is generally CBB60, CBB61 and other capacitors, this capacitor has good self-healing performance, long service life, high proportional characteristics, the use of electric grade polypropylene film as a medium, zinc aluminum metal layer as an electrode, high-quality engineering plastic shell, flame retardant epoxy resin perfusion, PVC electronic wire lead out, versatility, flexible assembly. Widely used in electric motors, electric fans, air conditioners, washing machines, generators, blowers and other electrical appliances for start-up or operation.


3. Suppress interference

In terms of power supply suppression interference, this capacitor generally uses X2 safety capacitors and Y1 safety capacitors for more use.


4. Block the buck

The components used in the resistance drop voltage are small, cheap, and most of the in-line adjustable CBB capacitors are used when the impedance buck is used, the advantage of which is that it can be used in harsh working environments and has good stability, but is not suitable for small-volume applications. Resistance buck circuit in many LED lighting industry, home appliances industry and other fields are also used a lot, if the power supply uses resistance buck, then capacitance becomes the most important key components, so in this circuit on the selection of capacitors and the requirements are very high.


5. Signal circuit

CBB capacitor used in the role of signal circuits as a coupling co-operation, for example, in the transistor amplifier transmitter has a self-contained bias resistance, it also enables the signal to generate pressure drop feedback to the input to form an input and output signal coupling, this resistance is the result of a coupling component, if at both ends of the resistance in pairs with a capacitor, due to the appropriate capacity of the capacitor to the AC signal less impedance, thus reducing the coupling effect of resistance.


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